Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wreath #2

So I have attempted wreath #2 and I love this one just as much as the first one.  So simple to make.  The longest time consuming thing was wrapping the wreath.  I forgot to take pictures of everything I had used.  Sorry folks! :)

You will need:
* yarn of choice (I pictured it below)
* wreath form
*hot glue and glue sticks
*ribbon of choice

First you take and cut a long piece of yarn because a big bulk of yarn while your wrapping the wreath form really gets in your way.  I started it with double sided tape but you could probably hot glue it. I wrapped and wrapped until my strand was gone.  I then got more yarn and attached it to the strand that was already wrapped by knotting it on there.  You will now have two little strands coming off your knot.  I put my finger on them so they would lay flat as I was wrapping it and the wrapping eventually covers it up.  The last piece I attached with hot glue.  Don't worry if you can see the hot glue.  I covered mine up with a flower. 

Then make a flower of your choice.  I made this one that I found on Pinterest.  Hot glue on wreath.  I then found ribbon that color coordinated with my yarn and cut a small strip and hot glued it together for a wreath hanger.  sYou could also paint an initial to coordinate with your colors.


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