Thursday, May 3, 2012

My 1st Wreath

So I had been looking all over Pinterest for a cute yarn wreath.  I had an idea in my head and finally found something similar to it on Pinterest and decided to make it!  I wanted it hot pink and lime green with our initial on it with some cute little flowers.  I  bought all of these items from Hobby Lobby.

* Raffia wreath.  I bought this instead of a foam wreath because this was bigger.  The raffia was also wrapped in plastic so I just kept the plastic on.
* colored yarn of choice
* wooden initial
* colored paint of choice
* felt
* scissors and double sided tape
*cute accent ribbon to hang wreath
*hot glue gun

I first started by painting my "M" hot pink so I knew it would be dry by the time I was finished wrapping my wreath.  I then took the yarn and cut a long strand off so I didn't have to hold onto the whole thing while wrapping.  The double sided tape holds the yarn in place.  I continued to do this until it was completely wrapped.  Yes it took me a good 1.5-2 hours to wrap my wreath. 

After wrapping, I noticed that there was some spots where you could see through the yarn.  I then wrapped those sections again and now you can't even tell! 

When finished wrapping I made felt flowers that I had found on Pinterest.  If you search for "felt flowers" a ton pop up! 

After making the flowers I decided my placement of the "M" and the flowers and hot glued them on.  Cut a piece of ribbon, glue it around the top of the wreath and Voila!  You now have yourself a super cute wreath!!


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