Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Classroom Organization

I LOVE ORGANIZATION!  I can't get enough organization in my life, although sometimes it makes my head spin.  It's just who I am.  Those of you that know me know I have OCD tendencies and love being organized, making labels, labeling things etc.  Not only is my house organized but so is my classroom. 

I have been teaching now for 4 years and created these weekly drawers for my planning.  I get a lot of my students work off the computer because being a Special Education we don't have many resources such as Reading books, math books, etc.  All my students are on individualized plans so getting all of their printables off the internet makes it easier for back to 4 years ago, I created this weekly drawer for when I am doing my weekly lesson plans.  I do day by day and when I print something off or need to use a specific workbook I just slide it right in the bin so I don't have to go searching for it the day of! Makes my life so much easier when I get to work in the mornings.  No I didn't get this off of Pinterest.....this was so 4 years ago "pre-pinterest"  haha!

Also at the beginning of the year I buy packages and packages of pencils for those kiddos that like to stand at the automatic pencil sharpener.  Well I hate when they come in plastic packaging.  So I comebine them all into one specific spot and my students know they can get one out at anytime.  Also in this drawer I put a bucket of erasers for them to use when they wear their pink little eraser out.  I also do the same thing with pens and highlighters.  The bottom drawer contains flash cards that I have accumulated throughout the past 4 years.  And of course its all labeled!!!! Would you expect anything less??

Here is one I made for myself that goes on top of the white drawers.  It's for those awesome smelly markers that all the kids love (they are on top), magnets and labels,  stickers for our charts and tickets for good behavior and just being awesome in general!

Because I don't have many resource books to use I have 3 different filing cabinets full of reproducible books to use for my kiddos.  Of course those are labeled and organized too according to subject on the outside.  Once you pull out the drawer it is organized by concepts. 

I also have a bookshelf that is full of those printables I get off the internet.  They are sorted by subject and inside the binders they are divided into concepts such as time, money, addition, subtractions, etc.

Not only do I do this for myself but I also do it for subs.  If there were ever an emergency and I couldn't be there the substitute could pull items from the cabinent or from the shelf and use them for the class that day.  Hope I'm not boring you all too much and you find some of this helpful! 


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