Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Planner

Ok so several of you on Instagram have been asking for it. Here it is. If you google family planner or even search for it on Pinterest you get severeal variations of a Family Planner. I made this one to fit our family. I'm sure once Jackson gets older there will be a school tab and a sports tab, but for now its pretty simple. It still isn't finished yet. I want to make a cute cover for it but haven't been able to get to Office Max yet.  Here is where I got my inspirations from.  Iheartorganizing Blog and Blessings By Blog.  Thanks ladies!

Supplies:  Binder and tab pages
The tab pages come with directions on how to go to and download a template for the specific tabs that you bought.  I know! Cool right?!?!

I first sat down and decided which areas would suit my head and myself for organization.  These are the tabs I chose: 
Monthly Menus
Grocery Store List

Calendar Tab

I then found a printable calendar online.  I got this one from  I then went through and wrote down all the events that are going on from March-December.  Of course I then had to color code them by birthdays, school/work, doctors appointments, holidays, and extra events.

Finances Tab

This printable is almost exactly like iheartorganizing printable but I made it myself to fit our own needs.  

Monthly Menu

I found this monthly menu printable off Pinterest and loved it!  Here it is-- Menu Printable
I also printed one out and put it in a picture frame and sat it by my stove.  At the beginning of each month I plan out my menu in my planner and then transfer it to the real deal that sits in the kitchen.  I write on it with a Versa-pen.  The type of pen they use on overhead projectors. 

Grocery List
Here is where I make my monthly grocery list.  I made this printable myself and can be found here.  Feel free to print it off. 

I then made a section for coupons.  I made up my own tabs with sections such as baby, health and hygiene, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, pantry foods, supplies, etc. 


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