Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep Calm It's Almost Summer

         Ahhhhhh that sweet 6 letter word that all teachers look forward to!  SUMMER!  As of today we have 25 1/2 more days left of school.  We started MAP testing today so now we are on the down hill slide.  Once MAP testing is over comes the field trips, the field days, and reward days.  Pure bliss!  I can't wait for summer.  My little monster is going to be so much fun this summer but will be a real handful when we go camping because he will want to run everywhere!  I will worry about that when the time comes! 
           We will start off the summer with my birthday on May 20th!  Then its off to the woods and lake we go!  A little camping, a little boating, a little floating, and a little fishing.  Sounds like heaven to me!
            Next up will be our anniverary on June 12th.  We will be celebrating 2 years!  This year for our anniversary we are going to Alabama to visit our honeymoon friends.  We met 3 couples on our honeymoon that we automatically connected with and have been friends ever since.  Last year for our 1 year they all came to St. Louis.  This year we are going to Alabama.  Next year will be either Texas or West Virginia and the next year vice versa.  On our 5th year anniversary we will all go someplace tropical again together.  Later in the month of June we will be back at it camping again. Please keep in mind these are only "scheduled" camping trips.  We like to be gone camping almost every weekend! 

              That's all that is on our summer plates for now.  What do you all have planned??



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