Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Megan's Recipe Binder

Good Wednesday Morning!!!!! Here we go again.  More binders!
So some of your kitchen drawers or cabinents probably looked the same as mine.  You know--someone gives you a recipe on paper or you print it off the computer and you have no where to put it but shove it in a drawer or if you were like me I folded it and put it in my recipe cabinent.  I had tons and tons of printed off recipes and recipes that people had given me and it was driving me nuts.  So I found on pinterest (imagine that) a recipe binder that I knew was just calling my name for me to make!

What you will need :
a 3-ring binder-I used 1 1/2 inches but I think I will be upgrading soon
dividers ( I used Avery)
clear plastic sleeves
cute paper (I got my super cute paisley paper from Office Max)
construction paper--optional

I started by making my tabs off the computer.  On you can pick the labels that you bought and it will give you a template to upload in a word document so your labels are just right!

In this picture its hard to see my labels on the tabels but they are there.  You can kind of see the word breakfast on the top tab.  Here are the tabs I used:
*Poultry Entrees
*Beef/Pork Entrees

You are probably wondering where the fish/deer meat receipes are.  That's my husbands area of expertise and he just gos with the flow when it comes to cooking deer and fish.

I then started putting all my recipes into the clear plastic sleeves.  Some of them I had to retype because they were written in pencil and were starting to fad. 

On some of the recipes that weren't a full sheet I cut them down in size and was able to put more than one recipe in a clear plastic sleeve.  I used construction paper and tape to make it pretty.

After filling my plastic sleeves with recipes I then got my cute paper out.  I tested a piece of white paper in the printer first so I knew which way it would print out so I wasn't wasting any.  I then typed up all my sections in Word and printed them out. 


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love this idea, how clever.

thank for sharing...

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