Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza Biscuits

These are absolutely amazing!!  I can't take full credit for them.  My sister n law Autumn came up with the idea way before Pinterest came about.  These are super easy and the kids would have fun making them too!

- cans biscuits (the flaky kind do not work)
1 jar pizza sauce
-1 pkg. mozzarella cheese
- toppings of choice ( I used Canadian bacon and pepperoni)
-muffin/cupcake pan (2 would work great) 
-baking sheet

Step 1:  Turn muffin tin over so the holes are on bottom. Preheat oven to desired temperature on biscuit can. Pull biscuits apart and flatten them with hand.

Step 2:  Place flattened biscuit on top of the muffin tin.  I sometimes have to shape them to the tin.

Here is what they all look like on there. This is a can and a half of biscuits.

Step 3:  Place biscuits in oven for half of the time the can says.  My can said to bake 10-14 minutes so I put my biscuits in for 5.

Step 4:  While the pizza biscuit "bowls" are baking, chop and cut up ingredients for inside of pizza biscuits.

Here is what they will look like when they have baked for half of the time. Sorry so blurry!

Step 5:  Take biscuit "bowls" off the muffin tan and place on baking sheet. 

Step 6:  Scoop a spoonful of pizza sauce in bottom of biscuit. (while doing this you need to be baking your other biscuits "bowls" if you haven't done so already.

Step 7:  Place desired ingredients in next. I used pepperoni and Canadian bacon.

Step 8:  Add another layer of pizza sauce.  

Step 9:  Top with cheese.

Step 10:  Bake for the rest of the time or until cheese is melted.  I did mine for 5 minutes. 

*I have also made these for breakfast using scrambled eggs instead of pizza sauce, sausage, bacon, green peppers, and topped with cheddar cheese!  So delicious!! ENJOY!


Stephanie said...

These are amazing! My daughter would love them!

Megan said...

Thank you!!

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