Saturday, April 14, 2012

Refrigerator Organization

I had finally had enough of our disastrous refrigerator! It was a mess. Old salad dressings, 3 containers of half eaten salsa, 14 bags of shredded cheddar cheese. I have a bad habit of buying a bag of shredded cheddar cheese every time I go to the store so you can imagine how many were expired! I was over it! I needed to fix our fridge!!


I told you it was a disaster! Look at that hot mess of a fridge!  It's actually kind of embarrassing! I started with a trip to Dollar Tree and found cute black and blue bins that are two different sizes.  Would have rather had all the bins the same color...OCD kicking in...but oh well! So I bought 5 little blue bins and 4 little black bins.  I thought if I didn't use them all I could use them in my classroom or find some other use of organization with them in my house. 

I first started with the side door.  Took everything off, wiped them down and sorted it.  Boy did I throw lots of junk away!  Then I moved to the shelves.  I took everything off the shelves, wiped them off and then sorted those as well.  I decided the top shelf was going to be beverages,  the second shelf is misc. items with a bin for salsa, butter, sour cream, etc.  There is also a bin for breakfast items such as biscuits, applesauce, pudding, etc.  Our next shelf is for leftovers.  Under that we have our meat and cheese drawer.  The next drawer is for fruits and vegetables.  Yes 2 bins fit in there.  The last drawer is for meats such a bacon, hamburger, roast, etc. 
*My next step is to label each bin. 


Close up of my fruit and vegetable drawers. 


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